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Ultraschnelle Dynamiken in Nanoplasmen (QUTIF)

Ultraschnelle Dynamiken in Nanoplasmen (QUTIF)


The goal of this research is to study the nanoplasma evolution in rare-gas clusters generated by strong fields ionization using ultrashort NIR, MID and XUV laser pulses.  Our studies aim to understand the dopant-cluster interaction as well as the cluster-field interaction on a high level of detail using schemes with either nanosecond (ns) or femtosecond (fs) time resolution and velocity map imaging (VMI) detection of charged ions or electrons. The time-evolution of a dopant-induced nanoplasma driven by intense NIR pulses are probed by few-cycle NIR-NIR, NIR-UV and NIR-XUV pump-probe ion and electron imaging spectroscopy.  Using phase-controlled and polarization-shaped laser fields can lead to understand the advantages of controlling electron and ion emission from tailored nanoplasmonic systems.


The project is carried out in collaboration with Prof. Marcel Mudrich at Aarhus University and the groups of Tomas Pfeiffer and Robert Moshammer at the Max-Planck Institute (MPI-K) in Heidelberg and the theoretical support of Prof. Andreas Heidenreich (Ikerbasque).

Labor in Aarhus

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Experimental Setup:

Ultra-Fast Dynamics in Nanoplasmas - Versuchsaufbau


Relevante Publikationen:

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