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Lukas Bruder

Project leader
Nanophysics Research Group

University of Freiburg
Institute of Physics
79104 Freiburg, Germany

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Tel: 0049-(0)-761-203-8405


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My research interest lies in the experimental investigation of photochemical processes on the single molecule level. One of our goals is to reduce the complexity of the systems to the core functional units. This allows us to resolve the molecular processes with high resolution and to explore quantum phenomena otherwise covered in the convoluted response of the material system. For this purpose, we develop multidisciplinary experimental techniques combining molecular and cluster beam spectroscopy with ultrafast laser technology from the visible to the extreme ultraviolet spectral domain. In particular, we apply interferometric and multidimensional femtosecond spectroscopy for high spectro-temporal resolution. We extended these techniques to gas-phase systems and the extreme ultraviolet spectral domain and incorporated highly selective photoelectron and ion-mass spectroscopy techniques. Our samples are prepared in ultrahigh vacuum environments where isolated molecules are studied in cold jets or deposed in rare-gas clusters. In these nanoconfined systems we study ultrafast light-induced conversion processes as well as system-bath interactions using two-dimensional electronic spectroscopy. Using related techniques, we investigate interactions in highly dilute many-body systems and study few-body correlations and cooperative dynamics with XUV interferometry.

This research is integrated in the following projects:

Phasenmodulierte nichtlineare kohärente Spektroskopie (PHANCY)

Kohärente nichtlineare Spektroskopie im XUV-Bereich (CHOISE)

Multidimensional Interferometric Photoelectron Spectroscopy with XUV Photons (MULTIPLEX)


Since 03/2020 Akademischer Rat (tenured), Institute of Physics, University of Freiburg
09/2019 - 03/2020 Postdoc, Institute of Physics, University of Freiburg (Frank Stienkemeier group)
11/2018 - 09/2019 Postdoc, Division of Chemical Physics, Lund University
(Donatas Zigmantas group)
06/2017 - 11/2018

Postdoc, Institute of Physics, University of Freiburg (Frank Stienkemeier group)

11/2013 - 06/2017 Ph.D. in experimental Physics, University of Freiburg
06/2013 - 10/2013 Internship at TRUMPF Laser GmbH + Co. KG, Schramberg
10/2006 - 06/2013 Diploma in Physics, University of Freiburg
04/2010 - 02/2011 Studies abroad, University of Auckland, New Zealand


Scholarships and Awards

2022 ERC starting grant (MULTIPLEX)
2020 Nomination for an emerging leader contribution in the Journal of Physics B
2020 Grantee of the Elite Postdoc Program, Baden-Württemberg Stiftung
2019 NanoLund Junior Scientist Ideas Award, Lund University, Sweden
2016 Poster price, IRTG 2079 CoCo summer school, Mittelwhir, France
2015 Poster price, PcifiChem conference, Honolulu, USA
2014 PhD scholarship, Evangelisches Studienwerk e.V.
2010 Student research scholarship, University of Auckland, New Zealand


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