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Postdoc Research Assistant 2020

2 positions:

Postdoc/Research Assistant


1 PhD position in:

Laser Spectroscopy of Molecular Complexes

PhD Position XUV 2020 en 1 PhD position in:

Experiments at XUV/X-ray Free-Electron Lasers
PhD Position Advanced Seeding Techniques for XUV and Angstrom Radiation

1 PhD position in:

Advanced seeding techniques for XUV and angstrom radiation



Bachelor-, Master- and approval works can be offered on various projects:


Bachelor-, Master- and Doktorarbeiten ca be offered on various projects (see Research):


Individual tasks and topics are coordinated by the ideas / preferences / capabilities of individual single aspirant.
What you have to do - what you learn:
  • Vacuum
Complex molecular beam equipment

HV, UHV vacuum generation (eg, oil diffusion, turbomolecular, ion getter pumps, etc.)

  • Cryotec

cryostats, cooling units, sensor technology

  • Laser

State-of-the-art laser systems (continuous wave-, femtosecond-, NOPAs, diode-, solid-, gas-, dyelasers, etc.)
Laser vaporization, laser cooling, spectroscopy (LIF, REMPI, PI, LIBD), optimal control, fiber techniques
Laser Diagnostics (spectral + temporal characterization, beam profiling, FROG, etc.

  • Detectors

Time-of-flight quadrupole mass selection, imaging, surface ionisation, PMT and CCD, CP

  • Electronics

Signal processing, control, regulation, sensor technology, radio frequency technology, high voltage

  • Computers

Experiment control, interfacing, data acquisition, -evaluation, -adaptation, -simulation, -modeling


... and of course scientific work (project planning, presentation, publication)
... and of course lots of physics (atomic, molecular, cluster, nano physics, chemical, materials science aspects)



  • Organic nanostructures
  • Optoelektronic
  • Lasertechnology/-applications
  • Processcontrol, elektronic
  • Construction, device development, measurement technology


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Scientific positions:

For scientific positions please contact us!!
(Tel.: +49 761 203-7609, )


Scientific posts
For scientific positions please contact us !!